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MAHA RERA website


Filling up the application form is the first step. The type of the application form may differ from bank to bank, but nearly 80 percent of the information they need is similar. Most of this is basically your personal and professional information, details of your financial assets and liabilities and the details of the property (if finalized) including the estimated cost and the means of financing the same.

While submitting the application form, every bank asks for several documents. Most banks these days offer doorstep service, however, some banks still insist on a personal visit to their office at least once.

  • Proof of income
    This needs to be backed up by copies of last three years' Income Tax returns (along with copies of Computation of Income/Annual accounts, if any), Form 16/Form 16A, last three months' salary slips, copies of the last six months' statements of all your active bank accounts in which your salary/business income details are reflected, etc. Other documents that you need to provide with your application form include age proof, address proof and identification proof. You may also be asked to provide your employment details.
  • Age proof
    Copy of your school leaving certificate/Driver’s license/Passport/Ration card/PAN card/Election Commission's card/etc.
  • Address proof
    Similar documents need to be provided to prove that you are actually staying at your current address.
  • Identification proof
    Same as above, but with photograph. Sometimes, the same document if it contains a photograph, the current residential address and the age can be used.
  • Your employment details
    If your company is not well-known, then a short summary about the nature of the company, its business lines, its main customers, its competitors, number of offices, number of employees, turnover, profit, etc may be needed. Usually, the company profile that is available on the standard website of the company is sufficient.
  • Financial check
    All the income-related documents you submit serve a specific purpose. The lending institution uses them to study your financial status.
  • 1. Level of activity
    In the case of self-employed individuals, this gives a very good clue about the extent of business activities.
  • 2. Average bank balance
    A cursory glance at the average bank balances maintained in a savings bank account speaks volumes about the spending/saving habits of any individual.
  • 3. Cheque returns
    A small charge debited by your bank in the statement indicates that a cheque issued by you was returned by your bank. Many such cheque returns can have a negative impact on your loan sanction.
  • 4. Cheque bounces
    If cheques deposited by you are returned by the issuer's bank, they will be visible in your bank statement and again, banks have specific norms as to how many such returns are acceptable in a period of one year.
  • 5. Regular periodic payments
    The existence of periodic payments to other finance companies/banks etc. indicate an existing liability and you will need to provide full details to the lender.
  • 6. Your investments also come under the scanner.
    This helps the bank to estimate your ability to pay the down payment as well as your savings habit.


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